Rodent Dental Deluxe Kit
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Our Rodent Dental Deluxe Kit was designed to provide veterinarians with a simple purchasing solution that would provide the veterinarian with all the essential instruments for rodent dental surgery. The set includes 12 instruments and a stainless steel tray.

Rodent Dental Starter Kit Includes:

(1) Stainless Steel Tray

(1) Rodent Mouth Gag

(1) Small Cheek Dilator

(1) Large Cheek Dilator

(1) Extra Large Cheek Dilator

(1) Rodent Molar Rasp (Regular)

(1) Rodent Molar Rasp (Fine)

(1) Rodent Molar Rasp (Diamond)

(1) Rodent Molar Cutter

(1) Rodent Molar Extractor

(1) Rodent Tongue Spatula Curved

(1) Rodent Crossley Incisor Luxator

(1) Rodent Crossley Molar Luxator

Price: $420.00

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Rodent Dental Deluxe Kit

Price: $420.00
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